Cuban Life
2,547.00 C$ 2,547.00 C$ 2547.0 CAD
This 9 Day Cuba tour makes it easy for travelers arriving from the U.S. to comply with the travel rules for Americans.
Weekend in Havana
1,543.00 C$ 1,543.00 C$ 1543.0 CAD
This tour encompasses three action packed days in Havana, and an optional one-day extension to include a visit to the rural village of Viñales.
Tour for Women
993.00 C$ 993.00 C$ 993.0 CAD
Looking for an empowering dose of feminine solidarity? Visit Cuba on this is an all-female tour, run by women for women and with a focus on Cuban women.
Tour Cuba by bike
2,006.00 C$ 2,006.00 C$ 2006.0 CAD
Pedal through the narrow alleys, cobbled lanes, and vast landscapes of Central Cuba on this tour that starts and ends in Havana.
Cuba and its birds
1,543.00 C$ 1,543.00 C$ 1543.0 CAD
Our Cuba birdwatching tour takes you to a selection of Cuba’s pristine protected natural areas that are known as the best places for observing the endemic bird species of Cuba .