A welcoming territory, where it is always summer: warm temperatures, refreshing breeze, paradisiacal beaches and happy people, home to fascinating indigenous and native cultures, carnivals and music, sacred archaeological sites, the imaginary of García Márquez and the colonial city. most beautiful in the world

Where to go?

Colombian Eastern Andes

The Colombian Eastern Andes preserve in their destinations the perfect mix of history and modernity, from heritage towns such as Villa de Leyva and Barichara to the modern capital of the country, which itself keeps great pre-Columbian stories of the country, such as the well-known legend of El Dorado .

Colombian Amazon-Orinoquía

The Amazon-Orinoquía is the green heart of Colombia, an immense megadiverse region of ancient forests, colossal skies and thunderous rapids, where you can enjoy one of the best settings for nature tourism.

Colombian Massif

This is the cradle of the ancient cultures that inhabited the Andes and that still maintain their traditions and knowledge. There, archaeological parks like San Agustín or Tierradentro will make you feel like you are traveling back in time to a world that does not perish with the passing of the years.