In Nicaragua, an interesting variety of landscapes is mixed, from savannahs, through cloud forests, cold plateaus and virgin beaches, ending with a handful of quite famous active volcanoes. Like other countries in the region, it is appreciated for its great biodiversity, especially of tropical birds.
Like the rest of the countries in the region, the first two great events that marked the history of Nicaragua are the arrival of the Spanish in the 15th century and independence at the beginning of the 19th century. The vestiges of the country's interesting history are one of the best things to visit in Nicaragua.

Where to go?


Managua, the Nicaraguan capital, is a beautiful city and an emerging tourist destination, characterized by its hydrography. Not only is it located on the coast of Lake Xolotlán, but it is surrounded by six crater lagoons: Xiloá, Apoyeque, Tiscapa, Nejapa, Asososca and Acahualinca.

The Great Sultana

One of the most important colonial cities in Central America and one of the oldest in the country is located in the southeast of Nicaragua. This is Granada, capital of the department of the same name. Its antiquity is evidenced by the dating of its establishment, around the year 1524.

Santiago of the Knights of León

It is one of the most important cities and one of the best things to see in Nicaragua, and it is known for having been the first capital of the country. It is also recognized for being the university city par excellence in the country.