Old Havana and its history
102.00 C$ 102.00 C$ 102.0 CAD
Visit the major attractions of the UNESCO world heritage area of Old Havana and get the perspective of an English-speaking local along the way.
Afro Havana
107.00 C$ 107.00 C$ 107.0 CAD
The Africans who were enslaved and brought to Cuba not only contributed greatly to the formation of the country, but also the culture.
Street Eats in Havana
89.00 C$ 89.00 C$ 89.0 CAD
Cuba might not be internationally known for its street food, but locals know that Havana streets are full of cheap,
Cooking in Casa
151.00 C$ 151.00 C$ 151.0 CAD
With all the hip gourmet restaurants now popping up all over Havana, there is still nothing like the traditional Cuban flavours of a home cooked meal.
Full Day Package
409.00 C$ 409.00 C$ 409.0 CAD
Combine three of our most popular tours and gain an understanding of Cuba’s capital city from a cultural, architectural, and geographical standpoint.
Mafia & The American Influence in Cuba
151.00 C$ 151.00 C$ 151.0 CAD
As far back as the colonial days, American style has influenced Cuba in every aspect of life: architecture, politics, economy, culture and lifestyle.
Murals & Mosaics Tour
236.00 C$ 236.00 C$ 236.0 CAD
Take an inspiring journey to three different neighbourhoods where visionaries have used art to unify and beautify the community and combat social problems.
May Day in Havana
117.00 C$ 117.00 C$ 117.0 CAD
Join us for an epic morning in Havana celebrating among locals. This one-day-only tour gives you the opportunity to join the annual May Day parade, celebrated throughout Cuba, tairs, blue door)
The Cigar Trail
165.00 C$ 165.00 C$ 165.0 CAD
Cuban tobacco is known as some of the world’s finest and Cuban cigars (called puros) are legendary.
Rum Legend Tour
185.00 C$ 185.00 C$ 185.0 CAD
Did you know that Bacardi Rum, one of the most popular in the US, was actually a Cuban brand?
Hemingway Tour
226.00 C$ 226.00 C$ 226.0 CAD
Hemingway left an indelible mark on Havana. Journey with our local guide to visit the old stomping grounds of this famous author and legendary adventurer.
Havana’s Jewish Heritage
226.00 C$ 226.00 C$ 226.0 CAD
This tour takes you through the history of the Jewish immigration and presence in Cuba.
Hidden Green Havana
287.00 C$ 287.00 C$ 287.0 CAD
Havana is not just the old historic buildings and classic 50’s cars. We will take you to some gems hidden in amongst the city and it’s surrounds that may surprise you.
Historic Walking Tour of Santiago
71.00 C$ 71.00 C$ 71.0 CAD
After meeting your local tour guide at 9.30am at the Parque Cespedes (in front of the Casa Grande Hotel) you will wander through the historic center of Santiago,
Classic Car Tour of Santiago
71.00 C$ 71.00 C$ 71.0 CAD
This is a tour by car that takes you to places around Santiago that are further away from the center.
Photography Tour
89.00 C$ 89.00 C$ 89.0 CAD
Grab your camera and go deep inside Havana to capture the essence of Cuba and its culture.
Art Deco Havana
191.00 C$ 191.00 C$ 191.0 CAD
The avante-garde styles of the French, and influence from New York played a major part in the construction of buildings in Havana in the 1920s right up until the 1950s.
Havana by Bike
218.00 C$ 218.00 C$ 218.0 CAD
During this bike tour we will visit the three most outstanding suburbs of the city of Havana - Old Havana, Centro Havana, and Vedado.
Viñales Day Trip
439.00 C$ 439.00 C$ 439.0 CAD
If you only have a short time in Cuba, you must spare a day to visit rural Western Cuba.
Havana by Night
165.00 C$ 165.00 C$ 165.0 CAD
Enjoy a night out in Havana escorted by one of our fun and friendly local guides who will take you to some of Havana newest and most exciting venues